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Forestry Harvesting & Management

Having worked in the forestry sector for many years, Straker has amassed a wealth of experience in the forestry industry environment. In addition, our involvement with the eFIDS (electronic trading) development and the OASIS (Open Standards) committee has enabled us to be at the leading edge of this sector.

We have used this experience to develop the Straker Timber Harvesting System.

This system provides a leading-edge computerised solution that handles the business processes within the forestry sector to help users achieve benefits in both efficiency and accuracy.

Forestry: Features
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Valuations and contracts for standing timber sales are entered on the Harvesting System.

Much of the underlying information can be populated electronically using mensuration data where available to improve accuracy and save time on data entry tasks.

Whilst users can enter Delivery Note information on to the system manually, electronic data entry can also be used to improve efficiency.

Delivery information may also come from a number of sources including weighbridge, electronic data transfer, or log scanner.

Both electronic and manual entries may be adjusted. The system also caters for Agency deliveries.

Delivery notes are available for review prior to invoicing on a colour coded screen allowing users to quickly identify any issues.


The delivery information is used to create Invoices and Self Bill Invoices and will automatically adjust the stock levels for standing timber sales.

These invoices are available in paper, PDF or electronic output. This offers flexibility as forestry systems move forward to work with their suppliers via electronic methods, whilst at the same time maintaining the manual paper facilities that will also be with many parts of the forestry sector for some time.

Received Customer Self Bill invoices or Supplier Sales invoices can be easily reconciled against deliveries, and 

Invoice information can be posted automatically to the main financial system at the click of a button.

An extensive suite of easy to use standard reports is available from within the system plus comprehensive, quick and simple search facilities are available throughout.

Call or email us to learn how you could benefit from using this powerful system.  Demonstrations can be arranged online or at your own premises.

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